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Will Marijuana Be Legalized in Indiana?

In the midst of a shifting landscape surrounding marijuana legalization, Indiana stands as a state where cannabis remains fully illegal. Despite neighboring states making strides towards recreational marijuana, Indiana is yet to embrace the wave of change. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the current status of marijuana in Indiana, explore the potential for legalization, and understand why obtaining a medical marijuana card might be a strategic move for Hoosiers.

Indiana's Current Stance

As of now, Indiana maintains strict regulations against marijuana, with no provisions for either recreational or medicinal use. This is in stark contrast to nearby states like Ohio, where recent referendums have paved the way for recreational marijuana. The absence of legal cannabis in Indiana has led many residents, like Charles Slaten, to seek alternatives across state lines to manage conditions such as chronic pain and PTSD.

Ohio's recent approval of recreational marijuana has cast a spotlight on Indiana's conservative stance. Charles Slaten's experience highlights the lengths to which some Hoosiers are willing to go to access marijuana. The potential economic impact, as observed in states like Michigan and Illinois, is a factor that might encourage a reevaluation of Indiana's marijuana policies.

Public sentiment within Indiana appears to be shifting, with a Ball State University and Indiana Public Broadcasting study indicating that 85% of Hoosiers favor some form of marijuana legalization. Blake Johnson, a Democratic state representative from Indianapolis, emphasizes the need to bring the issue to the voters, questioning the state's reluctance to consider public opinion definitively.

The Referendum Conundrum

Indiana's lack of allowance for referendums adds a layer of complexity to the path toward marijuana legalization. While lawmakers, including Blake Johnson, have introduced bills advocating for marijuana legalization, none have progressed to a vote. The absence of a referendum option raises questions about whether Indiana is truly representing the will of its people on this matter.

Despite the absence of referendums, lawmakers have engaged in debates about marijuana legalization, albeit without reaching a consensus. A study committee convened at the statehouse in November aimed to discuss legalization and make recommendations. Proponents argued for reduced conviction rates and increased tax revenue, while opponents, such as Ashton Eller from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, cited workplace safety concerns.

One argument in favor of legalization revolves around the potential economic benefits, including increased tax revenue. The fear of missing out on economic opportunities has prompted some lawmakers to call for a swift resolution. Blake Johnson stresses that delayed action might result in out-of-state businesses dominating Indiana's potential marijuana market.

Governor Holcomb's Stance

Governor Eric Holcomb has been clear in his stance against marijuana legalization, citing federal scheduling as a major obstacle. Holcomb has expressed reluctance to support legalization until federal laws change. This raises the question of whether Indiana will remain in a holding pattern until federal legislation catches up with changing attitudes towards marijuana.

Amidst the debates and uncertainties surrounding recreational marijuana, the option of obtaining a medical marijuana card emerges as a strategic move for Hoosiers. By obtaining a medical marijuana card, individuals can legally access a broader range of cannabis products tailored to specific medical conditions. This offers a legal avenue for those seeking relief from various health issues, including chronic pain, PTSD, and more.


The question of whether marijuana will be legalized in Indiana remains unanswered, but the momentum in neighboring states and shifting public opinion suggest that change might be on the horizon. As debates continue within the statehouse, the option of obtaining a medical marijuana card stands as a viable and legal path for individuals seeking therapeutic relief. Indiana finds itself at a crossroads, and only time will tell whether the Hoosier state will embrace the green wave sweeping across the nation.

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana in Indiana

Although lawmakers seem to be stalling the inevitable, medical marijuana will be legalized in Indiana eventually. You may have to wait for Indiana’s lawmakers to figure out that their job security may depend on their support for medical marijuana, but you don’t have to wait to start the journey to natural relief!

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